Jörg Gautschi

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    Lauren Bertolacci über Jörg Gautschi
    Jörg is exciting, passionate and drives the energy on the court. He has been one of the better receivers of the league for two seasons in a row and his defence has improved dramatically. He has improved all aspects of his fitness and game and is ready for a big 17/18.
    Jahrgang 1984
    Grösse 1.63 m
    Position Libero
    Nationalität Schweiz

    Erster Verein SV Volley Wyna
    1995-2003 SV Volley Wyna
    2003-2004 VBC Buochs
    2008-2014 SV Volley Wyna
    2014-2015 VBC Luzern
    ab 2015 Volley Top Luzern
    Grösster Erfolg Aufstieg NLA mit VBC Luzern
    Nationalteam –
    Tipp an junge Spieler
    Trainiere so hart und viel es geht!
    Never give up!

    Swiss Cup Final
    Swiss Champion Ship Semi Final
    Motto Train hard, play harder!

    Lieblingsessen Pizza Prosciutto
    Lieblingsgetränk Red Bull

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